Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity CandleA lovely tradition symbolising the joining of two families to form a new family. On the signing table are three candles, two smaller ones and a larger candle.

At an appropriate point in the service the two smaller candles are lit, often by the mothers of the bride and groom. Later, the bride and groom pick up the smaller candle and light the Unity Candle. Each year on their anniversary you re-light the candle to remember and renew the vows you have taken.

 Unity Candle Ceremony: Introduction

I now ask the mothers of Jackie and Glenn to come forward to the table and light the candles placed there. The mothers come as representatives of two separate families and of Jackie and Glenn as individuals.

The flame in each candle burns with the warmth and love and love that have been nurtured in you by your families over the years.

 Unity Candle Ceremony: Conclusion

Jackie and Glenn, please take up the candles that your mothers lit earlier. These candles represent each of you as individuals.  As you join the two candles together to light single marriage candle the flames flare high than before.

This flame of love symbolises how Jackie’s and Glenn’s lives will be richer in their union. The united flame is a powerful symbol representing the warmth of Jacki’s and Glenn’s love and the sacredness of their relationship. It is a lamp that will guide them through every day of their future together.

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